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How to Keep a Baby Warm During Winter

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How to Keep a Baby Warm During WinterBaby Knot Hats

Keeping a baby warm is one of the main concerns of parents especially when you live in a  cooler climate. You notice lots of babies always have tiny Baby Knot Hats on them because keeping a baby’s head warm is a good way to keep them warm. Below we discuss the best ways to keep a baby warm in different situations especially during cold weather or at night

During WinterBaby Knot Hats

Many parents worry about taking their baby out of the house during winter months. Though it might seem scary, it is okay to take a baby out during the winter months so long as they are clothed properly for the cold. However, if it’s extremely cold, it is best to stay home (even for adults too). When going out in cold weather, make sure your kid is properly layered up, and make sure they wear socks, gloves, and hats. Always add an extra layer more than you have on for the baby. Always check on the baby regularly when out. Watch out for their face to see if their lips are turning blue or their ears or finger tips are really cold then you know they are feeling too cold. Also sometimes the weather could get warmer and the baby could start to feel warm and start to sweat. If their cheeks look flushed and they start to get fussy or uncomfortable, then you know they are too hot so you can’t take one one or two layers of their clothing. Never leave the house without a hat, socks and gloves for kids in the fall and winter months. For toddler who are already walking, it’s best to have waterproof boots for the snow or rain boots if it’s raining.

Dry Skin in the WinterBaby Knot Hats

In the winter most people if not all have to deal with their skin getting dry. Same goes for kids. Babies are more likely to develop dry skin in the winter and also develop dry skin problems like eczema and itching. During this time, bath the kids in lukewarm water as opposed to hot water as hot water causes more dryness to the skin. Try not to ue soaps that have chemicals as they dry out the skin as well. Use natural soaps made with essential oils that cause a soothing feeling to the skin. After giving your baby a bath, path them dry with a soft towel and apply the baby lotion or oil immediately after. This ensures that some moisture is locked in their skin which will keep the skin moist for longer. Re-apply lotion and baby oils on the baby’s skin before you go out. If your baby’s skin looks really dry and gets really itchy for consecutive days, it best to speak to a pediatrician who could recommended some specific cream made to treat and soothe very dry skin.

Discomfort and FussinessBaby Knot Hats

Due to the cold and probably dry skin babies might get quite fussy and uncomfortable – more than usual. If you notice that they are unusually fussy, crying more often or sleeping for longer periods of time you can check to see what’s the cause. It could be that they feel too cold or their skin is too itchy. When this happens you can try different things to make them feel better. You could give them a cold bath, re-apply lotion, change their diaper or clothes, swaddle them or hold them close to you. If you are out, you could try different things like having them put on a hat or adding an extra blanket over them (if they are in a stroller or car seat). If none of these measures work and your baby remains unusually fussy, sleepy, hot, or cold, then you should speak to a pediatrician to make sure you are not missing anything.

Bedtime During WinterBaby Knots Hats

During the winter months it gets even colder at night. So parents need to apply measures to ensure that the baby is kept warm all through the night. It’s not advisable for kids to sleep with blankets as it can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SO what then can parents do to keep their babies warm? Well luckily there are a bunch of other ways babies can be kept warm during the night. For babies they can be swaddled with swaddle blankets or then can use a sleeping sack. As for keeping the room warm, it’s best to keep it at an average temperature and not let it be too hot. Also do not use a space heater in a baby nursery. When a baby’s room is too hot it can also lead Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) as the baby can become to hot and flushed and this could affect their breathing. Check on the baby regularly during the night to make sure they are not too hot or too cold.

Staying Germ Free During WinterBaby Knot Hats

Winter is a season that is usually prime time for lots of germs. You have to be watchful of germs as babies have young and weak immune systems (just like they are) and so they are more susceptible to catching an infection. Limit your baby’s exposure to germs by washing your hands regularly and using a hand sanitizer. Many hand sanitizers don’t really do much so make sure you are getting a good alcohol based hand sanitizer. Whenever you can, it’s always best to wash your hands instead.