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5 Top New and Recurring Fashion Trends of 2018

2018 has been a great year for fashion. There have been so many new fashion trends that are actually worth paying attention to and there’s also been a revival of old trends that have come back into the spotlight in inventive and unique ways. It just shows how the fashion industry continues to Refuse to be Ordinary. Let’s discuss some of the 2018 trends – both new trends and revived and reimagined trends.

Bringing Back the 60s

There has been a lot of retro-inspired trends lately from the mum jeans to the shoulder pads that when styled look quite amazing and unique. Other 60s trends returning are pleats and pockets which help give a unique silhouette. And high waisted pants and skirts show off the body shape and give an elongated and tall look. The key colors of this trend are off-white, camel, yellow, teal, navy and burgundy red and the key patterns are florals, geometric, circular, stripes.

Earth Tones

This is quite a new trend. Yes, earth tones have been around for quite some time but they are now gaining a lot of attention in fashion and influence in clothing design. Colors like beige, taupe, nude, blush pink, ochre, green, turquoise are now more frequently seen and you can find more clothes that have natural textures, open knits, rough weaves, subtle animal prints, and tribal influences.

This isn’t to say that these colors haven’t been around forever, but their resurgence has been one that brings out subtly, passion, comfort and determination to make your own statement without having to be bold and loud.

Earth tones are not as widely noticed, and there is nothing wrong with that trend; many people want to dress well, without being out in front.

Boho Chic

Boho fashion has been also been around for a while but they are making a big comeback into the larger fashion scene. Many people are now embracing the bohemian way of life, with boho chic fashion, elephant print items, yoga, goat yoga (sigh!), natural water, vegan diet, avocado on everything etc.

As pretentious as this sounds, it is actually getting quite popular. In the fashions scene, boho chic includes, wearing clashy prints, flowy gowns, and scarfs. When done right, it actually comes across looking good but when it’s not done right (which is sadly very common) you just have a bunch of people looking like hippies or homeless. Meh…I’ll pass. Key colors in this trend are purple, mauve, maroon, burnt orange, pink, brown, mustard. And key patterns are florals, swirling designs, mixing nature with shapes, feathers, solid blocks of warm color. Also, daisy prints are common in this trend.

One of the sweetest flowers of them all, the humble daisy, gets its time in the spotlight. The daisy print is pretty and has delicate hues it also has a feminine look to it – which all the boho hippies love. You can wear this print and balance it out by combining it darker base colors and more masculine silhouettes, such as suits, t-shirt dresses, chunky boots and oversized jackets.

Unique Prints

This trend was common in the runway this year even in men’s clothing. Clothing made with fabric that had unique prints like prints of angels, paintings, or bold and loud images. Lush prints featuring far off lands, tropical references, rich, almost haunting imagery of wildlife and plant life and the sensual mystery of the unknown. Key colors in this trend are slightly subdued, almost sun-bleached shades of pink, magenta, green, brown, off-white, ochre, and blue. Key patterns are poster print, retro florals, lush fauna, abandoned islands, palm trees, sandy beaches, abstract versions of the latter.

Mom Jeans

The Mom Jeans is another returnee to the fashion scene. It has a uniqueness that can’t be missed and it is very versatile and so it’s loved by all. When an item has both fashion and functionality it is a welcome addition to the fashion scene. While the media and fashion houses market it as a new trendy item for young girls the moms are the original fashionistas who knew that mom jeans were a gem all along. For young moms, this is a wardrobe staple item that must be embraced. Besides their obvious fashionable qualities, mom jeans are easy to wear, easy to move around in, airy and very manageable and yes easy to style. For moms chasing toddlers around, carrying babies, bending to pick up toys, driving around on errands and school runs, the mom jeans is one of the best items wear. Stores now carry even more variety options with some mom jeans covered in embroidery, distressed, mid-length and tons of other options. You can find a pair that shows your personality and sense of style and you can wear it with a simple blouse or t-shirt or dress it up with a blazer.

Conclusion: Wear What Makes You Feel Confident and  Refuse to be Ordinary

Even as we all scramble to get on the latest fashion trend, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Some new trends might not fit your style or budget and that’s ok. Some new trends are also extreme and ugly, just because Vogue Magazine says it’s amazing, doesn’t mean it is all the time. One of the most important things to know when developing your personal style, is to understand your body shape and know the silhouettes that are always flattering on you. Taking pictures as well as looking in the mirror will help spot the silhouettes that you should rely on. If you pay close attention to celebrities with similar shapes to you, then you’ll be able to spot the silhouettes that always work for them.

When shopping makes sure you are confident in yourself and always buy what fits. No one can see what the size tag reads on the inside of your dress and truthfully, no one cares! The focus should not be on fitting into the smallest size possible. So avoid trying to buy the smallest size dress only to have it not fit when you are ready to wear it and you end up abandoning it in your closet.

Buy the right fitting clothes so you can feel your best and feel more confident. So wear what makes you feel confident! As well as finding the silhouettes that suit you, also think about color. Find out what colors look the best on you. A strong lipstick goes a long way to making so many shades seem easier to wear.

Also, it’s ok to have a uniform style that you fall back on. The word “uniform” might sound terribly boring, but many of the most stylish women we know have one, whether that’s for weekends, work or every single day. For example, my go-to uniform style is a jean and white t-shirt with a jacket over it if its a bit chilly. It works every time. And just because you have a formula that you know you can always rely on doesn’t mean that it always has to look the same, as you can play with variations, unlikely accessories or just use this as an outfit to fall back on when you can’t decide in what to wear.